Dr. Jampala has been a very active participant in programs and projects that celebrate and promote Telugu in the global cultural fabric. An avid reader, he has been a great supporter of Telugu literary associations and their growth; and also an energetic participant in other cultural, philanthropic and social causes as well.

He played an important role in delivering a searchable Telugu dictionary on the Internet—a monumentally important project for the Telugu community online.

Dr. Jampala’s efforts resulted in the first Telugu font published on public domain in 1995 (Pothana font). He conducted the first seminar on Telugu on personal computers (1995 Chicago). More recently, he coordinated a discussion forum on the enhanced use of Telugu to facilitate every day applications for rural people at the World Telugu Conference in Tirupati (2012).

Dr. Jampala started the TANA’s project, Telugu Without Boundaries (ఎల్లలు లేని తెలుగు), to promote the preservation and propagation of Telugu in Telugu speaking areas outside the two Telugu states, including helping 10,000 Telugus in kongunaaDu (southwestern Tamilnadu) to learn to read and write Telugu.

He has been one of the main forces in the development of TANA’s TEAM Square and co-authored the critically acclaimed Guidelines to Visitors, Students and new immigrants.

Some of his key involvements include:

  • Raised funds for Kathanailayam (కథానిలయం) in Srikakulam to put it on a sound footing; raised funds for many Telugu literary projects.
  • Editor,  TANA Patrika (తానా పత్రిక) 1993-2004
  • Editor, Telugu Naadi (తెలుగు నాడి), an acclaimed Telugu magazine 2004- 2009
  • Editor, Remdu daSaabdaalu (రెండు దశాబ్దాలు), anthology of stories
  • Editor, Katha Nepathyam (కథ నేపథ్యం), anthology of stories
  • Publisher on behalf of TANA Pracuranalu (విశ్వగుణాదర్శం, తెలుగులో కవితా విప్లవాల స్వరూపం, కథ-నేపథ్యం (1,2), దిద్దుబాటలు)
  • Facilitated the publication of Hibiscus on the Lake (Anthology of translation of Modern Telugu Poetry) and Girls For Sale (translation of Kanyasulkam – కన్యాశుల్కం)
  • Moderator, Raccabanda Internet forum
  • Active participant: soc.culture.internet.telugu (SCIT), telusa, Digital Telugu and other internet forums
  • Founder, Miami-Valley Area Telugu association (Dayton, Ohio)
  • Founder/ Secretary, Foundation of Democratic Reforms in India (FDRI)
  • Organized FDRI-UC Berkeley annual workshops on Empowerment of Local Governments (May 2007) and Judicial Reforms in India (September 2008)
  • Advisory Board Member, People for Lok Satta
  • Past President, Trustee, Editor: Guntur Medical College Alumni of North America (GMCANA).
  • Editor, Exec Council Member: Indo American Psychiatric Association
  • Life Member: Tristate Telugu Association (Chicago); Telugu Association of Greater Chicago; Telugu Literary and Cultural Association (New York); Telugu Fine Arts Society (New Jersey), Miami Valley Area Telugu Association (Dayton)
  • Trustee, Reviewer, Vanguri Foundation of North America